Consulting & problem solving

Aspire consultants deliver business benefit by helping clients rapidly solve their problems.

Engaging the organisation

We work at 3 levels:

  • People who operate the process day to day
    • they know the problems and solutions better than anyone
  • Senior Managers
    • they need to set the goals, scope, boundaries, remove roadblocks
    • they need to create the right environment for change
  • Middle managers - to provide active support, direction and resources

Deliver Results

We support the organisation by

  • assisting the evaluation of services and delivery processes
  • selecting, scoping and delivering projects
  • applying a problem solving method that can used for rapid improvement events or projects alike
  • delivering training "just in time" driven by project needs
  • providing a range of Lean and change management tools tailored to suit the assignment

Building Self Sufficiency

  • learning through doing
  • transferring improvement skills to the organisation
  • coaching and mentoring

Our simple methodology not only solves the problem, it also builds commitment and support to deliver a robust and sustained solution


How is the service delivered?
Understand the demands
Identify waste
Identify & prioritise problem areas


Identify key stakeholders
Agree scope & boundaries
Build alignment


Mistake proof
Monitor & track
Process Management


Identify root causes
Develop solutions

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