Deployment Support

In deployment support we offer the following

What we do Purpose Who is this for? How?
Coaching & Mentoring Mentor and support deployment leaders to maximise impact, effectiveness & benefits from programme Maximise the effective delivery of Lean Six Sigma projects Champions, Master Black Belts and Deployment
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Telephone Hot Line
Assessment & Audit
  • Deployment Readiness
  • Deployment Healthcheck
  • Manufacturing Best Practice
To ensure the deployment takes full account of cultural and organisational challenges
To maximise the impact, effectiveness and benefitsof an ongoing deployment by benchmarking against our database of deployments in over 90 companies
To provide a framework for continuous improvement and best practice exchange
Business leaders, deployment leaders and Master Black Belts
Manufacturing Directors, Works Managers, Operations Directors , Supply Chain Directors
  • Deployment Healthcheck
  • Deployment Planning Workshops
  • Tailored Assessments and Audits
Deployment Consulting Provide consulting support to Business Leaders & Deployment Leaders. Focus on how best to align and implement LSS and continuous improvement techniques in all parts of the organisation to support delivery of business strategy. Also on how to enhance effectiveness of LSS programmes to maximise benefits delivery Business & deployment Leaders
  • Strategy to Action
  • Project Selection
  • Deployment Planning
  • Leadership Mentoring
Soft Skills Development Support This support is designed around our proprietary approach for personal development (from over 30 years of change leadership experience).
Based on a skills/capabilities self assessment diagnostic a personal development plan is built.
Any Belt or Deployment leaders wishing to develop "soft" change management skills to complement the "hard" tools and to make them even more effective in their role.
  • personal development diagnostic and plan based on 5 change skill sets
  • Training and mentoring in a selected range of practical "change tools" linked to the DMAIC project methodology and well known change leadership models
Certification Certify individual belts
Ensure organisations gets the full return on their training investment
(British Quality Foundation certification programme is internationally recognised. Our training programmes are recognised by the BQF & match their Bodies of Knowledge.)
Business and Deployment leaders
  • BQF assessment and feed back

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