Statistical Software

There are two main statistical software options available in the Six Sigma market - JMP and Minitab. Minitab is the established product in the Six Sigma market, JMP is also an established product but a relatively new entrant to the Six Sigma market. JMP has an excellent dynamic user interface and is much more visual.

We have worked closely with JMP to offer an exciting new approach to the training of statistical problem solving.

The client benefits include:

  • covering more ground in less time
  • less emphasis on statistical theory and more on real life problem solving
  • complex real life problems with real life data can be tackled during the course
  • delegates are more effective sooner and hence deliver business benefits quicker
  • very useful advanced tools such as modelling and simulation are included

We therefore use JMP in our standard statistical problem solving modules.

However Minitab based training can be provided if required which takes longer.