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Course Purpose Who is this for? Content
Lean Six Sigma Awareness
1 day
Build understanding amongst key leaders and Managers Organisations thinking about process improvement. Leadership, sponsors or managers of Belts
  • Overview of principles DMAIC method
  • Lean and Six Sigma Tools taster
Statistical Problem Solving (jmp)
4 days
Building on Statistical problem solving module.
To enable delegates to solve advanced and complex problems by data mining, simulation and Design of Experiments using jmp software
Anyone with complex problems to solve. Particularly applicable in data-rich process environments Advanced modelling & simulation
DOE experiments & modelling
Full range of DOE designs
Time shift
Choice set designs (conjoint analysis)
Statistical Problem Solving (Minitab)
8 days
Building on Green Belt module – To enable delegates to understand basic statistical concepts and then applying appropriate statistical tools using Minitab software to solve problems Green Belts wishing to upgrade to Black Belt level using minitab statistical software Basic Stats concepts
Software training
Full Range of statistical tools
Lean Expert Upgrade
3 days
Building on Lean Belt provides more depth in tools, change & project management, and the development of a "lean enterprise". Detailed content depends upon client need and context Lean Belts wishing to increase their skills and capabilities in order to effectively lead significant scope lean activities The Lean enterprise
Advanced lean tools
Facilitation of Kaizen Events
Advanced pull systems
Developing a Lean culture
The Lean Manager
Based around simulation & case studies
Soft Skills Development for "Belts" This training is designed around our proprietary approach for targeted personal development (from over 30 years of change leadership experience). Based on a skills/capabilities self assessment diagnostic a personal development plan is built. Support & training is then tailored specifically to client/individual needs Any Belt wishing to develop "soft" change management skills to complement the "hard" tools and to make them even more effective in their role.
Deployment leaders wishing to enhance the change management skills of their team.
Belt personal development diagnostic
  • based around 5 change dimensions
Targeted Development Planning Selected range of practical "change tool"
  • Selected range of practical "change tool" methodology and well proven change leadership models
The content of training and other
  • developmental activities will be designed and targeted on individual/group needs
4 - 6 days
To train selected high performing BB and Lean Expert to be able to develop & lead CI activities in the organisation BBs and Lean Experts Effective leadership of CI programmes
Deployment framework & tools
Advanced application of statistical tools
Training, coaching mentoring skills
Project & resource selection
Lean Six Sigma for Design
3 days
To train delegates in the application of LSS techniques to the design of new products, services and processes. To enable delegates to effectively exploit their organisation’s capabilities to design better and more agile solutions which are delivered to the customer defect free. Anyone working in Product or Service Design (innovation, R&D, Process /product development, marketing) or a belt wishing to develop their skills in "innovate & design" new things rather than just "improve" what you already have. Design framework & method (DMADV)
Design tools & techniques
e.g. advanced VOC, QFD, Value analysis,
  • Functional analysis, Design scorecards, Simulation & Modelling, DOE, Robust design
Champions / Sponsor Training
1 day
Provide overview of Lean Six Sigma deployment
Understand the critical success factors for successful deployment
Understand the role of a champion and sponsor
Champions process owners, project sponsors Overview of DMAIC methodology
Taster of the Lean Six Sigma tools
Role of champions & belts
Selecting, chartering and reviewing projects
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