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Green Belt

Green Belt
5 days
CM1 Syllabus
Purpose To enable people to successfully lead projects in a structured way using the DMAIC methodology Overview and origins of Lean Six Sigma
Six sigma fundamentals and Process Sigma
The DMAIC process & Kaizen Events

Define Project chartering, SIPOC, VOC, CTQs, Scoping Projects team building, Stakeholder management, Business Case
Measure Process Mapping, Stapling, Swim lanes, VSM, Spaghetti charts
Identification of waste,
Output (Y) and Input (X) Measures, Data collection, types of data, sampling variation, Control charts, Process Capability
Analyse Fishbone Diagrams, Root Cause Analysis, overview of data analysis techniques, basic graphical analysis, Affinity Diagrams
Process Flow Analysis, Takt time & Line balancing, Simple pull systems
Improve Creative thinking, Selection tools Pugh Matrices, Priority Matrices
Piloting, FMEA, Mistake proofing, Visual factory, 5S
Cultural change tools to assist implementation
Control Process Control & Standardisation
Effective handover, Control Charts, Control Plans, Storyboards
Target Audience Continuous Improvement project leaders
  • DMAIC framework
  • Basic Lean Tools
  • Full range of non statistical Six Sigma Tools
  • Change Tools
Course Style
  • Interactive
  • Project based
  • Case studies
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