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Statistical Problem Solving using Jmp

Statistical Problem Solving using Jmp CM3 Syllabus
Purpose To enable delegates to solve problems by data mining & visual analysis using jmp software
Basic Stats Means, medians, range IQR Box plots, STD Confidence intervals, Sample size, SE mean
Data manipulation Import text, join, clean, scrub, sort, saving files, reports, journals etc
Framing the problem Ys and Xs, data collection, Gage R & R , Y measures
Process Capability Control charts, Common cause special cause, Capability analysis
Visual Six sigma Distributions, formulas, conditions, Color value, Brushing, Parallels, Partitioning, Tabulate
Hypothesis tests P value, T test F test Power and sample size
Fit Y by X Continuous Discrete ANOVA, t tests
Continuous - Continuous Simple Regression, residuals
Discrete – Discrete, Chi square
Discrete – Continuous Logistic regression
Multivariate analysis Matrix plots, Pearson coefficients, colour maps
Modelling Screening, Least squares, Leveraged effects, Profiling & Simulation
Target Audience Anyone with a problem in a data rich environment
  • Basic stats concepts
  • Software training
  • Data cleansing & mining
  • Visual Analysis
  • Modelling and Simulation
Course Style
  • Hands on using jmp software
  • Real life problems
  • Real data sets
  • Case studies
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