Our approach To Lean and Lean Six Sigma Training and Support

We offer Lean and Lean Six Sigma training at all levels from Awareness, through Green Belt, Advanced Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, Lean Belt and Lean Expert.

We have trained in excess of 2000 people. Our training programmes are approved by the British Quality Foundation and meet their certification requirements.

In addition we can provide a full range of deployment support which includes deployment design, benchmarking, deployment consulting, project coaching and cultural change management.

Training Style

Lean Six Sigma training does not have to be dry and turgid! We pride ourselves on making it engaging, relevant and fun. We recommend project based training because it greatly improves the understanding of the methodology and tools. We also prefer to tailor the training to the client’s particular needs.

Real project examples and real client data is incorporated into the training. Prior to the start of training we help select suitable training projects and work with the client to include relevant examples and case studies to help the training "connect" and come alive for the delegates. A range of exercises, videos, hands on exercises and activities are interspersed with presentations.

Modular Approach

The problems and issues encountered in an organisation's processes are usually related to flow and waste, variability or a mixture of both.

The tools and methods needed to solve these problems are a problem solving methodology, basic process improvement tools, Lean tools and Statistical tools for problem solving.

An organisation needs the right mix of skills to solve it’s own particular mix of problems. There is no point in training belts to use sophisticated statistical tools when their projects don’t require them; much better to use appropriate tools until more sophisticated ones are required.

We therefore offer a modular approach to training which is based on our extensive Lean Six Sigma training experience working inside organisations across world.

We also cover a range of process improvement delivery methods such as conventional projects, Kaizen Events and Rapid Action projects.